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Practicum 2023

Practicum 2023 will contain encouraging and equipping content in a focused, flexible, and friendly format designed to allow parents to leave confident in their homeschooling journey. We would love to see you at Practicum 2023!

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What Is Practicum?

Practicum is a parent conference that offers tools, training, and practice to introduce you to the classical model of education. At Practicum, you’ll meet other parents at various stages of the homeschooling journey and participate in facilitated discussions using the classical tools of learning. In sum, Practicum is part prayer meeting, part pep rally, and part how-to workshop!

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This was the best Practicum that we have ever attended. We worshipped together, prayed together, and grew together. I’m in awe. It truly blessed us. We feel more equipped.

CC Parent

This was the first [Practicum] I was able to attend and I truly enjoyed it. I gained support and encouragement throughout the entire training.

CC Parent

I was encouraged, challenged, and equipped with new information. I was also reminded of wonderful tools I have used in the past and may need to sharpen a bit. Thank you Classical Conversations!

CC Parent

I love Practicum because it reminds me to stop checking the boxes and pursue truth, beauty, and goodness.

CC Parent

The lost tools of learning we practice at Practicum can benefit everyone! Even if you’re not homeschooling. Even if you’re not parenting. The classical method can help anyone learn anything.

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