2022 Practicum

Krista Partin teaching History Camp 3

You’re Their First Teacher. Be Their Best Teacher.

Join us for Practicum 2022! This year, we have refined Practicum into a day-long live event to increase its accessibility for parents while preserving its same richness of content and conversation.

Although the format is simplified, the purpose of Practicum always remains the same: to invest in parents through practical training and to facilitate engaging conversation with experienced homeschoolers.

This year at Practicum, your facilitator will help you tackle science with students of all ages by modeling and practicing the Five Core Habits of GrammarTM. You will engage in discussion in small groups and share your "aha!" moments with other homeschool parents. Most of all, as your child's best teacher, you will gain confidence to lead throughout the academic year.

We hope you join us for Practicum 2022!


Classical Conversations Practicum 2022 Handout