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Practicum 2021

May 12, 2022
Practicum 2021

Attending to the Essentials: The Art of Grammar

Attending to the Essentials: The Art of Grammar will stimulate you to dig down to the foundations of your ideas about homeschooling! Our daily goal is to inspire and equip parents eager to become confident “everyday educators.” The encouragement of community, the insights of other lead learners, and the hands-on practice we’ll enjoy will build assurance and skills—for learning and for teaching!

This summer, we will work on “attending to the essentials” of English grammar! As we dig into these basics, we’ll uncover the beauty in the foundations of our language, and we will discover the treasures waiting to be explored with our families. Together, we’ll mine those riches waiting to be excavated, understood, and displayed as we become better readers and writers because we know our language from the roots.

“As it turns out, learning the grammar allows me to teach anything in the natural world.”

Leigh Bortins in The Core, p. 117

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