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Practicum 2018

Feb 12, 2018
Practicum 2018

Have you ever felt stumped by homeschooling?! Are you looking for a “key”—something that will make all your efforts work together for success? Join us this summer at a local 3-Day Practicum; Unlocking Language: The Art of Grammar offers keys to more than learning languages! You’ll find a community of local families, eager to explore the classical model of education and find tools that make learning all subjects with all their children satisfying. We’ll practice with easy-to-use techniques, learning how to open the lines of communication with our children that make acquiring knowledge and everyday conversations easier.

During our 3 days together, we’ll also investigate English grammar and Latin grammar, discovering how a mastery of English grammar becomes the bridge to successfully pursuing foreign language. We will practice our learning skills with Latin, and learn some tips and best practices for Latin scholars.

Find a supportive community, answers to your questions, and the keys to unlock your next steps on the homeschooling journey… all by opening the door to Practicum!

Open the door to new ways of teaching!

Find new ideas, fresh teaching methods, and plenty of practice at Practicum 2018, Unlocking Language: The Art of Grammar. Build community with local parents, and find answers for your homeschooling questions. Discover the links between English grammar and Latin grammar, and practice methods of studying that will make acquiring another language easier.