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Practicum 2020

Feb 12, 2020
Practicum 2020

Cultivating the Conversation: The Art of Exposition

Cultivating the Conversation: The Art of Exposition will give us all something to talk about this summer! We’ll celebrate ways to cultivate conversations at every level, with every child, on any topic — academic or not. We will focus on tools that make starting conversations easy, natural, and fruitful.

As we continue to explore what it means to educate classically every day, we’ll focus on exposition this summer, thinking about the importance of reading and writing as we emphasize communication. We’ll explore on-going ways to teach reading skills to all ages, and we’ll give practice to inventing, arranging, and elocuting our thoughts more formally in writing.

“In order to read well, you need to spend lots of time reading. Words need to be savored, laughed at, cried over, wrestled with, and stomped on.”

Leigh Bortins in The Core, p. 103

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