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Words, numbers, and sentences are essential to language development.

Every challenge is an opportunity for meaningful growth and a catalyst for lifelong learning.

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Lead Your Child to a World of Possibilities

Essentials is a bridge between the grammar and dialectic arts that prepares students for the middle and high-school Challenge programs. Built around the support and accountability that can only come from a local community, this power-packed, Christian-based homeschool program guides parents of children ages nine to twelve through the foundational principles of language structure and analysis, the structure and style of writing, and arithmetic speed and accuracy.

Equip Your Children with the Essentials

Items students learn in the program:

  • How to properly capitalize and punctuate words and sentences
  • What the eight parts of speech are and how to use them properly
  • How to recognize and create 112 sentence patterns
  • How to diagram sentences
  • How to analyze sentences by purpose, structure, patterns, and speech parts
  • How to write with structure and style through Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • How to write an outline, narrative, expository, and essay
  • Math drills, increasing speed in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, and exponents, in preparation for higher math

Learning Beyond a Worksheet

Parents and their students meet once a week with a Tutor for the two-hour Essentials program after Foundations. It is in the support of this community environment, parents are equipped and trained by observing the Tutor and learning alongside their child. Tutors, trained in the program’s materials, facilitate community time by modeling the exercises that parents will do with their students at home. Student and parent participation are critical components of this unique partnership!

Students emerge prepared to tackle foreign languages, essays, and pre-algebra confidently when these essential (yet often neglected) skills are mastered.

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This was the best Practicum that we have ever attended. We worshipped together, prayed together, and grew together. I’m in awe. It truly blessed us. We feel more equipped.

CC Parent

This was the first [Practicum] I was able to attend and I truly enjoyed it. I gained support and encouragement throughout the entire training.

CC Parent

I was encouraged, challenged, and equipped with new information. I was also reminded of wonderful tools I have used in the past and may need to sharpen a bit. Thank you Classical Conversations!

CC Parent

I love Practicum because it reminds me to stop checking the boxes and pursue truth, beauty, and goodness.

CC Parent

The lost tools of learning we practice at Practicum can benefit everyone! Even if you’re not homeschooling. Even if you’re not parenting. The classical method can help anyone learn anything.

CC Parent

The encouragement and support from other parents is vital. I enjoy learning from those before me in their journey, encouraging those beside me, and sharing with those coming behind.

CC Parent

I am a grandmother homeschooling my 9-year-old granddaughter who has been through a lot of trauma with both parents. The moms, Tutors and Director have truly been encouraging and most accepting of this old grandma and her granddaughter. We are going into our 5th year at CC.


My CC community breathes flavor, energy, and structure into my homeschool. The steady support, motivation to learn perpetually, and sweet fellowship is vital to me personally and to my family.

CC Parent

As a longtime homeschooler, you can find 350 Classically-centered curricula on the market. What sets CC apart isn’t the carefully crafted history sentences, the infectious list of pronouns the kids chant, or the way you can tweak it to be whatever you want at home. It’s the community.

CC Parent

But what about socialization? I have to admit, I heard this question a couple times when I first decided to homeschool, but most people I come across don’t ask it anymore. If they do inquire about how I keep my kids socialized, I get to tell them about the amazing community God brought into our lives with Classical Conversations.

CC Parent

My CC Community has been an integral part of our homeschool experience. I can’t imagine being on this journey alone, as a ‘lone wolf.’ I love how CC covers aspects of homeschooling that I would not get to on my own, such as weekly science experiments and art projects, and memorizing a world history Timeline of events. CC provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all of my homeschooling needs.

CC Parent

Community is a very valuable part of CC. What other curriculum has weekly modeling lessons for us parents?

CC Parent

Our CC family is so much more than a group of fellow homeschoolers. They are the family who can truly understand my daily struggles as a homeschooling mom. They are the family who supported me emotionally and mentally when my husband passed away. They are the family that welcomed me with open arms when we had to move out of state and join a new CC family! There is nothing comparable to our CC family. I am so truly grateful.

CC Parent

My director and fellow parents are tutors are more than colleagues; they’re friends. I’m thankful for the support, accountability, and friendship they offer.

CC Parent

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Community is at our core, with families doing life together as they learn.

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